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Buddha Bomb

"The raw harmonica and pleading vocals tells you this is modern R&B at it's best"
~Stuart Cosgrove


The Band


"Azure means the blue of a clear or unclouded sky. This Azure Halo with its earthy grit of sandpit vocals scrapes bluish across shards of chordal twist, and the devil dogs of the musical kennel howl with glee. Acid band, man! Who better to test your twang?"

~James Lowe, The Electric Prunes.

Azure Halo are a seven piece Indie/Psychedelic band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. They have been likened to The Velvet Underground, The Doors and The Stone Roses with a recent live set described as "Like something from a Tarantino film."

Singer Rik has already had one of his songs "Left in the Blue" covered by Californian 60's psychedelic band, The Electric Prunes and bass player Neil had a short spell playing with Peter Doherty (Libertines/Babyshambles).

"Azure Halo came to a gig in Glasgow, Scotland and offered to let us hear what they were doing in the studio.....The gravel pit vocals really sell the songs and I found myself prying the CD away from my wife and her girlfriends as they swooned to the tunes. In a time when so much crap is out there it is refreshing to hear some actual music. We felt it was so cool we decided to cover one of the tunes."
~James Lowe, The Electric Prunes.


Vocals & Guitar - Rik

Guitar - Craig

Bass - Neil

Drums - Terry

Harmonica / Al

Saxaphone / Mariebeth

Keyboards / Paul



Terry, Paul, Al, Craig, Neil, Rik and Mariebeth backstage at The Classic Grand, Glasgow 2016. Photograph by Brian Anderson, Glasgow Eyes Magazine.  

Terry, Paul, Al, Craig, Neil, Rik and Mariebeth backstage at The Classic Grand, Glasgow 2016.
Photograph by Brian Anderson, Glasgow Eyes Magazine.



Spotlight on Q-Burn Syndicate radio

"Just got back after recording this coming week's Q-BURN Syndicated. It's a pretty wild show this week...Power play is Swamp Assassins and Gatorhole! (Also Powerplay gets played first off now). Classic Q-BURN album is Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers debut album from 1976! 4 BIG tracks get played, while the SPOTLIGHT Is well and truly shone on AZURE HALO and 4 tracks are played from their EP Buddha Bomb!" ~Peter Antony, Q-Burn Syndicate Radio.

Download For Clinton Pringle

Gig For Clinton

Up until November 25th all proceeds from our Bandcamp download and CD sales will be going to the Clinton Pringle Legacy Trust. Come along and join us with Tijuana Bibles, Static Union, Button Up, Amanda Bogle, Andy Dempsie (DJ set) and Lee Watson (DJ set) at 8pm on Thursday Nov 24th at The Admiral Bar, 72A Waterloo Street, G27DA Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Download and CDs available here.

"The father of a three-year-old Scots boy killed by a van while on holiday on Jersey has told how he and his wife sat helpless as their only child lost his fight for life."

"We are going to try to make a difference in Clinton's name by helping families leave not only a memorial but something useful to help people remember their child."

Since Clinton's death his family have raised more than £17,000 for CHAS's Robin House to help children with life-shortening illnesses,

Interview: Dead seal blows up music festival

On Tuesday (3.5.16), a fellow performer claimed on social media that Azure Halo, a psychedelic rock outfit from Glasgow, had caused a backstage bloodbath by smashing a baby seal to death with a brick.

Taken by many at face value, a bizarre online argument ensued and death threats rained down from as far off as America.

The effects on the 7-piece band look set to be long-term, with various promoters cancelling all 12 of their upcoming gigs.

But police have now cleared them, telling reporters that the animal was washed up dead on Sannox beach two days before Azure Halo even set foot on Arran.

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Buddha Bomb

by Azure Halo